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Travel trailer
Travel trailer Travel trailer Travel trailer

Travel trailer

Product ID : KT-001
Product Tags : travel trailer
Product Attributes :

Travel trailer 

Product Description

Overall size: 3920x1800x1150mm

Box size: 2100x1200x550mm

Front tool box: 1410x520x450mm

Stronger frame: 2300mm Long 50x100x4mm RHS A Frame with Continuation to Spring Hangers, allowing for no weak points on trailer unlike

Axle: 50x50 solide axle with 4WD electric brake

Shock: Heavy dury 7 Leaf Eye to Eye Millitary Syle Rebound Springs With Shockers

Wheel: 235/75-15 tire with 6 studs rim

Loading capacity: 1000kgs

Equipments: Aluminium box, 90L water tank, electric water pump, gas bottle holder, jerry can holder, spare wheel, jockey wheel, stabilizer legs,full front stone deflector

Optional: kitchen, alu rim, flidge slide, flidge, tent

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